vitrectomy machine – versavit

  • Product vitrectomy machine – versavit
  • Brand synergetics
  • Catagoryvitrectomy machine

Product Specification

In the past it was just assumed that vitrectomy machines had to be big and expensive and that vitrectomy pack prices would always increase.  Synergetics has boldly challenged this view by creating a new class of vitrectomy machine with the launch of the VersaVIT™ and Core Essentials™ vitrectomy pack.  Designed in response to the changing needs of the market, the VersaVIT™ vitrectomy machine now provides surgeons with a platform that is portable, versatile, space saving and most of all cost efficient.

From helping you minimize your ongoing operational costs to its portable and easy to operate design, the VersaVIT™ and Core Essentials™ vitrectomy packs offer you new opportunities that other competitors simply cannot match.  Discover the possibilities with VersaVIT™.